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When the unfortunate incident happens you need to be sure that your broker has arranged correct cover and has the expertise to manage claims for the protection of your company assets and liabilities from third parties.

RBIG Claims Management

A professional and organised process for the administration of claims is essential to any insurance programme and is an integral part of an overall strategy for Risk Management, Health and Safety.

The correct handling of claims reduces the potential for errors that can lead to monetary wastage. Efficient claims handling enables a speedy resolution that will minimise both disruption and financial loss.

In order to achieve this, RBIG employ qualified and experienced personnel who have extensive experience in the motor, property and liability claims sectors and who are able to provide expert assistance in the event of a claim.

In addition, for the higher claim producing clients, we provide detailed Claims Management Information for the benefit of Business Managers and Health & Safety Officers. Such management information enables the identification of patterns and trends, allows for the assessment of those areas where most accidents arise and particularly in relation to Employers and Public Liability and Motor Insurance, places the client in a more informed position in order to take preventative action to avoid recurrence thereby having a positive impact on insurance premiums.

As part of our claims service we provide:

  • Dedicated claims handler specific to each client
  • Detailed advice in the event of a claim
  • Prompt and close liaison with insurers on our client’s behalf
  • Arrangement of Engineers inspections
  • On-site attendance in respect of more serious claims
  • Appointment of Loss Adjusters
  • Expert monitoring and interrogation of claims and their resources
  • Provision of guidance through to conclusion of the claim
  • Provision of detailed Claims Management Information

RBIG are expert at managing claims and their related costs and demonstrating this point to insurers.

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