RBIG Credit Insurance

Benefits of Credit Insurance

There are 2 key benefits:-

  • To protect the balance sheet against an unforeseen loss – trade debtors are an important asset for all businesses. As soon as services are provided or goods sold on credit, you are at risk until payment is received in full.
  • To develop new sales opportunities – with insurance in place you will have increased confidence to offer credit facilities to new customers and develop sales in new markets giving you an edge over competitors.

Getting the best out of your Credit Insurance Policy

Fully understanding your business and approach to managing credit enables us to obtain the best solutions from insurers.

At RBIG we believe in developing a bespoke proposition and negotiating directly with underwriters rather than dealing at arms length to ensure the best terms are secured for our clients. Once a policy has been arranged it is vital that this is reviewed regularly to ensure that it still remains fit for purpose.

Historically insurers have looked to insure the whole turnover. Whilst this is often the right option, we also look to tailor a policy to match specific requirements (ie. Selecting a certain range of customers or level of debt) thus providing a cost effective and manageable level of protection.

We offer a wide range of credit management services providing additional help and support including:

  • Credit assessment and information reports
  • Debt collection
  • Help with trade / invoice finance
  • Bonds and Guarantees

Your contacts for
Credit Insurance

Dave Sterlini
Credit Risk Manager
Tel: 0161 304 5056
email: [email protected]

Paul Jackson
Credit Risk Administrator
Tel: 0161 304 5016
email: [email protected]

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