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Auto-enrolment will mean workers being automatically enrolled into their workplace pension scheme without any active decision on their part. At present, many workers fail to take up valuable pension benefits provided by their employers. Auto-enrolment is meant to overcome this.

From 1st October 2012 (subject to the employers individual staging date) all eligible workers will need to be enrolled in a qualifying workplace pension scheme.

The employer is free to choose any suitable pension scheme or utilise the Government sponsored NEST Scheme (National Employment Savings Trust).

The responsibility for complying with the legislation will rest with the employer. Employees will have a facility to opt-out, but must be re-enrolled on the third anniversary of opting-out.

The contribution levels will initially commence at 1% employer and 1% employee rising to a minimum of 8% of qualifying earnings with at least 3% coming from the employer by October 2017.

To establish your individual staging date and determine if your present arrangements qualify, please call Peter Radcliffe.

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