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Marine Cargo Insurance

True value protection against loss or damage to goods as they're transported by sea, air, road or rail.

RBIG Marine Cargo Insurance Solutions

With increasingly complex international supply chains and growing reliance on global trading partnerships, protection for goods as they are transported across borders is essential for many businesses.
Marine cargo insurance is specifically designed to cover such risks.
This specialist insurance has its roots in centuries old marine law, but today it embraces not just transit by sea, but air, road and rail.
It's an invaluable insurance for any business that imports or exports raw materials, components or finished products. It fills a gap that might otherwise expose those businesses to significant losses.
One reason for this is because hauliers and carriers' liabilities in the event of loss or damage to goods they transport is limited by contract. This can significantly restrict their exposure.
For example, the Road Hauliers Association actively promotes Conditions of Carriage to limit its members' liabilities. These state that "unless agreed otherwise with the customer, the Conditions set a limit of£ 1,300 per tonne on the gross weight of goods lost, wrongly delivered,or damaged." 
Marine cargo insurance also offers more extensive protection than goods in transit insurance. In addition to covering goods whilst they are being transported within the UK and beyond, it can insure against loss or damage whilst they are being loaded, unloaded and stored.

A contract necessity? 

Another particular compelling reason to protect goods with marine cargo insurance is that it is often a contract of sale requirement. No cover, no sale. 
Customers want the reassurance that should something go wrong - an insured event - between leaving your premises and arriving at theirs, then those goods can be swiftly replaced through insurance.
Securing the most appropriate and best value marine cargo insurance for your business can feel like sailing against the tide. There are multiple policies and insurers to navigate, not to mention a proliferation of jargon.
We're here to pilot you, using our extensive experience and expertise to guide you to a best-fit solution for your business and its specific needs.

Who needs Marine Cargo Insurance? 

Whilst marine cargo insurance requirement is not a legal requirement, private and public sector organisations may require this cover be in place as a condition of contract. 
If your business depends upon the reliable, timely delivery of imported or exported materials, components or finished products, then we would strongly recommend you protect you sales and supply chain with this specialist cover. 
Those who might benefit from marine cargo insurance, include: 
  • Any business importing or exporting raw materials, components or finished products
  • Any manufacturer or supplier operating to a just-in-time model, domestically or internationally 

Marine Cargo Insurance Cover options

Working in partnership with you, our expert advisors will determine your needs, wants and budgets, before recommending a solution that best satisfies them.
Because we are a long-established, highly respected and much trusted commercial insurance broker, our clients benefit from the close partnerships we have forged with the leading cargo insurers.
This means we have access to a wide range of specialist policies ottering a diverse variety of both standard a optional cover options. 
These include: 
• Loss or damage to goods whilst being transported by air, rail, road or sea in the UK, Europe or worldwide
• Import insurance 
• Export insurance
• UK-only insurance
• General Average and Salvage insurance - covers the insured's liability to pooled risk under General Average and Salvage acts 
• Multiple site goods storage
• Single transit cover 
Loss or damage to goods in storage 
• Concealed Damage -covers damage revealed only once goods are unpacked 
• Exhibition risks 
War, civil commotion and terrorism risks 
Industrial disputes - loss or damage caused by strikes and other specified labour disputes 
• Tools, samples and equipment 
• Unauthorised Occupants - constructive loss of goods due to occupation of trailer by unauthorised persons 
RBIG’s extensive experience, professionalism and commitment to service excellence provides welcome reassurance that you’ll benefit from the best advice, cover and price. It’s insurance expertise that puts you at ease.
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